San Diego Windshield Repair Checklist

San Diego Windshield Repair Checklist – Know Before You Go!

San Diego offers many choices to the consumer in need of windshield repair. However, if you need your windshield repaired, there are some things that you need to know about glass repair before you choose a windshield repair company.

First find a windshield company that specializes in windshield repair, if possible.

    Most of the time, windshield replacement companies will give you lousy excuses of why your windshield cannot be repaired.

Beware of the Windshield Shark!

They will tell you things like:

“It is bigger than a dime and cannot be repaired.”


“It is over the windshield defroster and cannot be repaired.”


“It is longer than a dollar bill and must be replaced.”


“This crack touches the edge and cannot be repaired.”


The reason that they say this is simple.

MR. GREEDY knows…windshield replacement is not always necessary.

Most companies just want to get more money out of your pockets.

Higher profits exist in windshield replacement. Most damage can be REPAIRED, saving you money!

Why waste money on full replacement?


 Here is the Truth About Windshield Repair:

Windshield Chips can be Repaired up to the Size of a Quarter. Sometimes larger.


Windshield Cracks can be repaired up to 18 inches.


Windshield Cracks can be repaired to the edge of the glass.


Windshield Repair is 100% safe.


If you are in San Diego and in need of windshield repair, it’s important to know the steps involved in finding a proper windshield repair shop

You can save yourself both time and money, and drive away with the best results possible.

Make SURE that your windshield repair shop answers ALL of these questions!

(If not, keep looking!)


Windshield Repair Checklist: (For your reference)

How long have they been in business?

What is their business license number?

(Many companies in SD do not even have a business license)

What is their California Bureau of Automotive Repair license number and expiration date?

  (Click HERE to check their license for validity)

Are they insured? By what company?

☐ Do they offer a lifetime warranty? (If not, keep shopping!)


Helpful Tips About Windshield Repair:

– Many windshield repair technicians don’t even bother to hold a San Diego business license. There are many such companies in San Diego performing shoddy windshield repairs.

– Beware of so-called windshield repair people at car washes and/or gas stations. They are referred to as “insurance-harvesters.” These unscrupulous people are more interested in your money (or that of the insurance companies) than they are of your windshield repair.

– If someone is nagging you about insurance, you might want to consider finding a company with a fair price that doesn’t pester you about “free repairs.”

– Most windshield repair companies will process insurance claims for repair at no charge, but you should be the one to bring up the subject. If they mention it first, be careful. They may be more interested in you money than doing a good job.

– Fair windshield repair pricing in the industry usually hovers between $40 to $70 for quality repair. Any less and you should be concerned about quality. More and you are paying too much.


For the best windshield repair results, follow these guidelines:

DO cover the fresh damage with clear tape to keep debris away.

DO keep your windows cracked open about 1 inch to balance the inside and outside temperatures.

DO park in the shade if at all possible.

  DO NOT use the windshield washer.

DO NOT wash the vehicle prior to repair.

DO NOT clean the glass or touch the damage with oily fingers.

DO NOT slam the doors until you repair.

  DO NOT blast the radio loudly until you repair.

  DO NOT use your defroster until you repair.

By following these guidelines, your licensed, qualified, trained windshield repair technician will have the best canvas available in order to provide you with excellent results.

If you need additional information, the San Diego Windshield Repair Association website is another excellent source for information.

Click HERE to go to the website of trusted vendors.